Koi Society is a collection of 10,000 NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. Your Koi acts as your membership card and will grant you access to a members-only areas – The Game Room and The Mint Room.

Mint price is 0.2 SOL. MINT IS NOW LIVE


Q4 2021

Koi Society is minted, you enjoy your Koi and you join the community. The project is building up and everybody is teeming with excitement.

The Game Room

Game suggestions emerge, we discuss which mini game will be developed first, a lot of theory, not a lot of coding.

The Mint Room

Mint suggestions emerge, you choose between two concepts, which one do you want developed first. A lot of theory, not a lot of drawing.

Your excitement dwindles because you didn’t come here to read bunch of words, you came here to make billions.

Q1 2022

The Game Room

Chosen mini game is launched and tested with no real rewards other than fame and notoriety.

The Mint Room

Chosen free drop for all holders, to be released a few months after the sale ends.

You are thoroughly disappointed with the launched game because when you heard “mini game” you thought “open world sandbox with 100 hours of gameplay”.

Q2 2022

Koi will now produce $CAVIAR.

The Game Room

Mini Games are out of the experimental phase. Giving you options to risk your $CAVIAR playing them.

The Mint Room

Giving you options to spend your $CAVIAR on minting new NFTs.

You finally see the light at the end of the tunnel since your patience will finally pay dividends.

Q3 2022

After 10 years of launching games, we know one thing for certain, deadlines don’t get met very often. That’s why we are leaving this quarter open for balancing the games, fixing bugs, and delivering everything that happened to be pushed back.


The Drawing One

The Game Dev One

The Coding One

The Marketing One


When is the mint?

November 14th 20:00 UTC

Which wallet can I use for the mint?

We recommend using Phantom.

Will I be able to mint more NFTs with my Koi?

Yes, you will be able to do so in The Mint Room.

Will there be a secondary market?

Yes, we will send it to approval as soon as the mint is done.

Why are you launching mini games without rewards first?

We want to test the gameplay and the security of the games. That’s why the first version will have NO REWARDS for playing. This makes implemented rewards ($CAVIAR) safer when they are launched.